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Allen Harmon Mason Selinger Insurance Agency Blog

View the latest blog posts from Allen Harmon Mason Selinger Insurance Agency.

Employees may claim lost items at work. If they do, who is responsible? Several factors play a role in determining this. The type of incident matters, for example.  This type of situation can be tricky to navigate. State laws differ. Business insurance differs as well. READ MORE >>

Investing in auto insurance provides a variety of benefits to owners. If you own a car, you have many types of policies available to you. You can choose from plans that offer minimal coverage to keep costs down. However, most drivers benefit from extended coverage. This includes comprehensive auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Most people think of life insurance as a safety net for the families of older adults. The truth is adults of every age should get a life insurance policy. People of all ages die every single day. Young adults with life insurance leave something behind for their loved ones. The Low Cost of Life Insurance for Young Adults READ MORE >>

Only rarely will someone in Michigan pay nothing for their medical care, even with insurance. Though private health insurance can greatly reduce an individual’s out-of-pocket responsibility for care, it almost never makes health care entirely free. READ MORE >>

A wide variety of factors determine the cost of your home insurance. One of the primary factors is the amount of coverage. If you opt for high dwelling and property coverage limits, your rate will likely increase. Adding coverage for structures beyond your primary dwelling might also hike the rate. READ MORE >>

Businesses today face increasing risks of lawsuits and claims. Many companies take significant steps to ensure they have the best employees on the job. They put in place very strict standards. They follow their attorney’s advice in creating training programs. READ MORE >>

In-car technology is becoming more prominent than ever. Protecting these valuable investments should be your priority. The good news is that your auto policy can often provide you with the protection you need. However, a standard policy may not offer the right coverage for you every time. READ MORE >>

When buying life insurance, you have numerous options to consider. Life insurance provides a payout to those that you name as beneficiaries on the policy. This payout occurs if you die. However, some policies offer your loved ones more protection from high-risk situations. These might be things such as sudden, fatal accidents. READ MORE >>

Health insurance doesn’t guarantee the same prices for every level of care. As you likely know, treatment involves different levels of care based on your need. For example, you may visit your primary care provider for the flu or other common ailments. READ MORE >>

The spring home-selling season is quickly approaching. Many people looking for their dream homes will become first-time home buyers. If you anticipate purchasing a home this year, there are a lot of things you have to take care of. This includes getting home insurance, a home inspection, and a host of other things. READ MORE >>

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